Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my email?
Hosting Online web hosting clients can set up POP Accounts, Forwarders/Aliases, & Auto-Responders in the Web Browser Control Panel that comes with every Hosting Online web hosting package. This can be done by yourself, and without any assistance from the Hosting Online staff.

How do I upload my files?
All Hosting Online web hosting packages allow the usage of FTP, Telnet, SSH, File Manager, MS FrontPage™, and other web development publishing programs, to upload files to your website.

How fast are websites set up?
Hosting Online strives for a setup time of no more than 60 minutes per order. If an order is placed during normal business day hours, orders may be processed in only a few minutes.

Does my website get a control panel?
Yes. Every web hosting package comes with a web browser based control panel. The control panel includes many features including; email configurations, chat rooms, mailing lists, pre-installed cgi scripts, databases, chat rooms, and much, much, more...

How am I billed?
You will receive an invoice for each service/account order every month on the same day the service was ordered (if it is a monthly service).  We accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Are there any hidden costs?
No. All costs are stated plainly on our website. We do not hide fees in fineprint, or in our terms of service pages. The only costs that are commonly found to occur beyond your expected flat monthly rates per service, are those due to increased disk space or bandwidth usage. Pricing for such is plainly stated on our website. Hosting Online very often will allow you to upgrade your packages to the next size up, should you see an increase in disk space levels or bandwidth usage for the current month, and not want to pay for such additional usage. Disk space usage and availability, as well as estimated bandwidth usage, is available to you in the majority of the control panel versions included with the hosting packages.

What happens if I decide to leave Hosting Online Corporation?
You are free to leave at any time.

What type of support do you offer? Average Response Time?
We offers support to our clients 24/7/365 via email systems.

What are the hardware specs of the servers?
Every server at Hosting Online has different specifications. Whenever a server reaches what we feel to be the limit, another server is built. We're constantly upgrading the server hardware on our network. If more drive space, memory, or faster processors are needed, they are added in at that time. The average shared server is a dual processor system, with 512-4048MB RAM, and 160mbps SCSI hard drive(s).

Can I have adult content on my website?
No, you can not have adult content on your websites.

May I view your Terms Of Service?
The Hosting Online terms of service (TOS), including policy and service guidelines, are available online at:

Do you support International domain names and clients?
We can host most international domains on its servers.

How do I transfer my domain name?
We will attempt to file the necessary electronic forms for your domain name transfer with InterNIC. If we are unable to file such with your specific domain name registrar, we will send you instructions on how to do such yourself, including all necessary technical details. Clients may opt to not have us handle the domain name transfer, or to delay doing such, as an option on the web hosting order form required for signup.

What if my site breaks your "acceptable usage policy" rules?
Users' sites may be suspended for violations of policy, or if extreme, or second time offenders, sites may be canceled. Each occurrence is dealt with on a case by case basis, and we try to work things out with every client. Notifications will be sent, if we take any action on your account.

What if I want to upgrade my website?
You may upgrade or downgrade your Hosting Online web hosting package at any time.

What is the uptime?
Hosting Online strives to maintain a 99.5% network and server uptime service level. This uptime percentage is a monthly figure, and does not include any scheduled hardware/software upgrades, nor "Acts of God". Our definition of "Act of God" includes; fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, telco fiber issues (ie...Verizon™ cutting a fiber line somewhere), backbone peering point issues (ie...UUnet™ having a router go down in Virginia that wipes out internet service for the entire East Coast), hard drive failure (faulty hardware is rare, but cannot be predicted nor avoided), as well as network floods, hacks, and attacks. If we fails to meet it's 99.5% uptime guarantee, and it is not due to one of the above reasons, partial downtime credits will be made available to each client, upon request, on a case by case basis. We do not credit a full month's service if we only have 99.4% uptime. This would not be financially healthy for us, and in turn would only negatively affect the service level we provide to you. "Partial refunds for partial downtime" is our standard policy.

What if the server my website is on gets hacked or attacked?
Individually hacked websites are rare. If such occurs, usually they are a target for a reason; hate sites, pirated software, etc... We do not host such websites. If such material is found on a our server, it is deleted immediately and the user's account canceled. Usually the target is the whole server itself.  Hackers usually go after a server just to say that "they did", or to use the server to bounce off of to hack something more important. Rarely are any users' files on the server damaged, erased, or modified. For this reason, once a hacker is detected, a server can usually be cleaned up and the hacker locked back out within a matter of hours. At that time the server is restored to full security levels, as if the hack has never occurred. Most hackers get into a system through valid user accounts. We recommend you use complicated passwords for your account. We strictly reviews all orders for new clients, to make sure they are legitimate. Unfortunately, some fake orders do get through the system, and that is one way a hacker can gain initial access. We runs security checks on the servers daily, so even if a hacker does get in, they are found and dealt with quickly. Most hackers are not malicious, they are just playing or testing their abilities. If an individual attacks the whole Hosting Online Data Center, measures are in place to cut off such floods and attacks automatically at the backbone level and the router level. We also uses firewall technology to fend off most common methods of flooding and attacks to the network.

Why should I choose Hosting Online Inc. as my web host?
Simple. We maintain one of the most feature rich hosting packages on the market, so advanced that many hosting companies cannot compete. We offers Cpanel™ & WebHostManager™ on it's packages, the premier software in the business.

How do I get started?
Simple! Just fill out one form....the Secure New Account Order form! You will receive details shortly afterwards about how to proceed with your new Hosting Online Web Hosting Account!

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