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Real Audio/Video
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Unlimited URL Redirects
Web Based Email
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Start Your Very Own Web Hosting Business 
Hosting Online offers the easiest and most customizable reseller program to experienced clients and or businesses. From day one you're able to take orders and provide your clients with an excellent hosting solution. This includes 99.9% uptime as well as email capabilities and a double backbone through Qwest, the leader in Internet Connectivity.

General Information
Once you establish a reseller hosting account you're able to add your clients directly through your control panel. This provides each one of your clients with their very own web space as well as a static IP address for each account. Each reseller account also comes with a detailed reseller manual so you can get started within minutes of signing up.

Customizable Control Panel
Each reseller account comes with the ability to completely customize your clients control panel. This option allows you to add your Business Name or Logo and modify the color scheme of their control panel, since YOU'RE their Web Host.

Unbranded Technical Support Site for your Clients
Each of your clients is also provided with a technical support link within their control panel. This link allows them to view a listing of FAQ's and answers for solving issues that may arise. This feature will allow them to solve many of their own problems without having to contact you for support.

Adding Clients / Domains
This is done directly through the control panel. You can easily add your clients, and you're given full access to their accounts so that you can easily provide technical support. At anytime you can view the accounts setup under your reseller account in real time. See how quick and easy it is to Add a Domain through your control panel with our Add Domain Demo.

Adding Parked Domains
A parked domain is a domain that's added to an existing hosting account for your client. This domain name merely images their current account, it is not a separate account. This allows the client to have multiple domains pointing to the exact same site, i.e.,, and all point to the exact same website. There is a one time fee of $10 for each parked domain (This is the fee for parking a domain name, it does not include the registration cost for New Domain Names). See how quick and easy it is to Add a Domain through your control panel with our Add Domain Demo.

Domain Registration
The charge for new Domain Registrations when a hosting account is established is $15.00 per year. This will place a $15.00 charge to your account for each of your clients that you setup with a New Domain Registration. You can then charge your client whatever you'd like. For example, the average market price is $35.00 per year, so if you sold the domain with the hosting account for $35.00 you'd make a $20.00 profit.

All reseller accounts must be paid for via credit card. Your account will automatically be billed for your monthly hosting fee as a reseller each time your account is due. There is no limitation on what prices you charge. You are then responsible for billing your client, whether you accept check, credit card via your merchant account, or wire transfers is completely up to you.

Technical Support
As a Web Hosting Business YOU are responsible for providing technical support to your clients. If problems arise that are reasonably out of your scope or that are caused by our system you can contact us for support. In this case we would be responsible for fixing the issue and responding back to you with a solution. We do not, and never will contact your clients. This is your Web Hosting Business, so we remain anonymous at all times to your clients. Since this is your Business you handle all of your client relations, this is NOT a referral program.

Virtual Name Servers
You're allowed to utilize your very own name servers for both the primary and secondary DNS names. This will be a combination of your domain that you use for your reseller hosting account. For example, if your domain name is your primary and secondary server names would be and respectively. This service is provided freely and you can add the DNS server names directly through your control panel within minutes of signing up. However, these name servers must be established with your Domain Registrar to function correctly. If we're registering the Domain Name we will complete the name server establishment for you. If not you must contact the Domain's Registrar and complete the necessary steps for creating the name servers. They must follow our naming scheme - and Or if you'd prefer to use our name Servers you can. They're:



What if I decide that I'd no longer like to be a Web Host with Hosting Online?
If you decide that you would like to discontinue hosting with us you can take your clients with you since it is your hosting business. However, if you decide that hosting isn't the business for you and you'd like to leave the clients with us they will all be placed on our servers as separate accounts, and your reseller account will then be terminated. They would then become our clients and we'd provide them with technical support and takeover the billing on these clients. This provides your clients with a stable environment, so if your business folds they're not left stranded.

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